Invasive Cardiology

drug-eluting stents
Fig. 1: Schematic illustration of the most common “drug-eluting stents”, which are coated with Paclitaxel or Siromilus.
  1. In a direct comparison, the Sirolimus stent was shown to be superior to the Paclitaxel stent regarding restenosis and “major adverse cardiac events” (MACE). (Windecker et al., NEJM 2005, 353: 1-10).

Fig. 2: Magnification of stent-struts of a titanium-coated stent

In animal models a significant reduction (-47%) of the intima-proliferation was observed. In a clinical trial with 92 patients with coronary artery disease likewise a clear reduction of the restenosis rate from 33 % to 15 % (-65 %) was observed. (Windecker et al., Circulation 2005; 111: 2617-2622) 

Stent coating with titanium-nitride-oxide
Fig. 3: Stent coating with titanium-nitride-oxide for reduction of neointimal hyperplasia


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