Quantitative MR Imaging Science Lab

Our team aims to develop innovative MRI technologies for cardiovascular imaging. Our SNF funded research ranges from understanding the fundamentals of MRI to the development of advanced MRI processing and reconstruction tools. We are located at the SITEM-INSEL and part of the Translational Imaging Center where we benefit from a unique research environment with access to state-of-the art clinical MRI scanners.

Although MRI is a powerful imaging tool that can be used to quantify disease biomarkers noninvasively. MRI is complex and quantitative information is often confounded by the presence of multiple tissue compartments and magnetic field inhomogeneities that induce signal asymmetries. In our lab we are interested to exploit these signal asymmetries to encode the underlying tissue structure, which enables high resolution quantitative biomarker mapping. We are specifically interested in developing this novel technology for simultaneous and multicompartment T1, T2, T2* and fat-fraction mapping in the heart.  This combination will enhance the capability of MRI to extract information on tissue function and anatomy, specifically targeted for cardiovascular diseases.

MRI Images


Prof. Dr. Jessica AM Bastiaansen

Department of Diagnostic, Interventional and Pediatric Radiology (DIPR)
University Hospital Bern and University of Bern
Translational Imaging Center (TIC), sitem-insel
Freiburgstrasse 3
3010 Bern, Switzerland