Cardiovascular Research Cluster Bern

Annual Meeting 2021

This year’s Annual Meeting of the Cluster for Cardiovascular Research (CCVR) was held on the 25th January 2021, for the first time in an online format. In accordance with the Cluster goals, this year’s meeting was aimed at raising awareness of ongoing cardiovascular research and research interests among basic and clinical scientists in Bern, stimulating interactions among the various teams, and supporting and encouraging early career researchers. Our expectations were exceeded with the submission of approximately 30 abstracts from the many different Bernese Institutes and Departments involved in cardiovascular research, and with an attendance of about 70 – 90 participants in all sessions. 

The Annual Meeting 2021 comprised one day of seven sessions targeting different research/clinical themes and highlighted the great diversity of cardiovascular research in Bern. Fourteen local speakers showcased the range of cardiovascular topics under investigation in fundamental, translational and clinical research. Special appreciation is addressed to the 23 early career investigators, who presented their interesting work in flash presentations and stimulated engaging discussions. Women presented a large number of contributions, an encouraging step for gender equality in cardiovascular research in Bern. Another highlight was the SARS-CoV-2 Roundtable with invited local experts discussing about hot topics in cardiovascular research related to COVID-19.

Networking and spontaneous group discussions are difficult during a digital event. However, we are convinced that many new ideas and possible synergies between the groups became apparent during this fruitful day.

The Prize Jury Committee, chaired by PD Dr. med. Emrush Rexhaj, awarded three research prizes. Zoja Selimi received the Fundamental Research Prize, Natalia Méndez Carmona received the Translational Research Prize and Dante Salvador Jr received the Clinical Research Prize for their excellent studies and flash presentations.

The CCVR Annual Meeting 2021 was organized by Prof. Dr. Sarah Longnus, Prof. Dr. Nadia Mercader, Prof. Dr. Katja Odening, Dr. André Frenk and Dr. Maria Arnold.

We would like to thank all participants for a lively day of presentations and stimulating discussions and look forward to our next Annual Meeting of the Cluster for Cardiovascular Research (CCVR)!

Annual 2021 CVRC

Congratulations to the prize winners 2021

- Fundamental Research Prize - Zoja Selimi

- Translational Research Prize - Natalia Méndez Carmona

- Clinical Research Prize - Dante Salvador Jr