Cardiovascular Research Cluster Bern

Annual Meeting 2024

Congratulations to the winners of the CVRC Annual Meeting 2024:

- Clinical Category: Best Flash Presentation Prize - Marc Ilic (Department of Cardiology)

- Fundamental Category: Best Flash Presentation Prize - Saranda Nimani (Department of Physiology and Department of Cardiology)

- Clinical Category: Best Poster Prize - Anselm Stark (Department of Cardiology)

- Fundamental Category: Best Poster Prize - Matteo Zoia (Department for BioMedical Research)

Prize winners CVRC AM2024


The scientific programme is accredited by the following societies:

- Swiss Society of Cardiology (SGK): 5 credits

- Swiss Society of Cardiac Surgery (SGHC): 4 credits

- Swiss Society of Angiology (SGA): 2 credits

The scientific programme is recognized as 1 day of continuing education for animal experimentation for researchers and study directors (VersuchsleiterInnen, Versuchsdurchführende und TierpflegerInnen) by the Cantonal Veterinary Authorities of Canton Bern.

PhD and MD-PhD students that attend and present (either flash presentation and/or poster) are eligible to receive 0.5 ECTS credits for the CVRC Annual Meeting 2024. Please register in KSL (root number 481115).

Meeting Programme